We’ve been taught that old habits die hard, however, these days it seems like technology is making old habits easier to break.

Did you notice how fast people started using Uber?

How much stuff do you buy now from Amazon that you used to get from the grocery store?

I have not hailed a cab in years, and my mailman can tell you how much Amazon I get each week.

Millions of Americans are changing their preferences and habits without giving it any thought.

Another changing habit that we see in our daily lives is less use of paper.

Credit card signatures are digital, car loans are electronic, college books are all online. Everything is paperless now—including large parts of the home buying process.

Consumers with the Amazon mindset find their home online—very few still use the free listing books or drive around aimlessly eyeing for sale signs with paper flyers out front.

Buyers and sellers text their agent—and often. They make an offer with a DocuSigned contract.  Even their loan disclosures are electronic.  So why are they required to sign 146 pages with ink and paper at the closing?

Short answer? Because their lender hasn’t adapted with the times. (Lenders, don’t stop reading, or sending us business, just hear me out)

Paperless closings are not only possible, they are better. Paperless closings typically allow for a better experience for your client as well. And at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all trying to achieve, right?

Security is better with a paperless closing.  With a closed loop system like that one we use at Sky Title, there is less of a chance for hacking, or accidentally exposing your customer’s non-public personal information.  With electronic authentication, there is less of a chance for the wrong party to view or execute documents.

Customers are better educated with a paperless closing.  Giving your customers the ability to review documents in advance makes them feel better educated and more comfortable at a closing.

Paperless closings save you money too. Reviews for funding authorization or hunting down missing signatures is no longer part of your staff’s time.  Document signing errors are reduced to zero.

But the real savings is in the time to turn on the secondary market.  Your time to sell to investors is reduced from 14-21 days to 2-3 days.

Let’s talk today about Sky Title’s smart secure closings for your next deal.