Ideas are great because they are the building block of success. You’ve probably already turned some of your good ideas into solid ventures. But everyone has good ideas still stuck in a notebook (or as notes on their phone). What transforms a great idea into the next successful project isn’t the quality of the idea, it’s the execution of the process that turns an idea into a money maker.

But just thinking about how to take all your ideas and turn them into successful projects can be overwhelming. Sky Title is here to help. As both a successful business and a group of sports fans, Sky Title encourages people to think of their ideas as the members of an offensive football team huddle.




You, as the person who is deciding which of your business’ ideas will be implemented and when, are the quarterback. The signal caller, the leader who touches the ball on every play.

You’re involved in every facet of the transformation. You also have the most responsibility. Sometimes you need to call for a last-second audible and change direction to reach the ultimate goal. And sometimes, even the best-laid plans can go awry. That means you’ll have to protect your team and either do the work yourself or throw the ball away to get to the next idea.

In such a football metaphor, your running backs are your solid, short-term ideas, and the wide receivers are the ideas you’re confident will get you a touchdown way down the field, even though you know that not every deep pass will be a success.


Running back


This is the idea that can be turned around quickly and get you going in the right direction. This might not make a touchdown today, but it can put sales on the board right now. It keeps the whole team moving forward. Remember, first downs are important too. Most winning teams now have a whole stable of good running backs. So, make sure you have two – or more – runners ready to play and work them hard.

Don’t be afraid to give your running backs some extra attention. Natural talent exists, of course, and in this metaphor that talent would be the idea’s potential. But every good athlete needs to train. Work with your running backs on a regular basis to ensure they have the best chance to succeed.

Be prepared when your back busts through the line and breaks off a big gain too. After all, one of your simply solid ideas is always capable of surprising you and exceeding expectations. The key is to be ready in case one of those ideas breaks through and catches fire. After all, any play on the field can turn into a touchdown.


Wide receiver


To borrow from another sport, this is your home run idea. It’s what you believe is going to get you the touchdown, but you know it will take some time to get there (wide receivers are often the biggest personalities on a football team.) Put this idea into motion, but don’t rush a timetable. After all, the deep ball isn’t open on every play in a football game. But when it’s successful, a wide receiver fly route is electrifying. So, be sure to pull the trigger when there’s a good chance for triumph.

Depending on time and needs though, remember wide receivers can run short or medium routes too. Don’t forsake opportunities for your ideas just because you believe it’s capable of more than what is currently there.


Offensive Line


These are the techniques and procedures that keep you focused. The linemen keep the defense – or negative factors – from distracting you and stopping your game plan. A quarterback needs to have confidence is his offensive line. Otherwise, the play, or idea, can’t be a success. Make sure your line is solid before you start a play. It will give you the best chance for big results.


The bench


Don’t think of additional potential projects as backups. You’re as confident in these ideas on your bench as the ones you’re trying to execute now because, after all, they’re good ideas. However, you can’t throw the needed resources at them just yet. After all, too many players on the field – or ideas in play at once – is a penalty. But there’s a popular saying in football: “Next Man Up,” which, for your company mean you are not afraid to scrap an ineffective project to substitute another idea in its place and expect it to be successful with the same focus and preparation.




Sure, the quarterback is the boss on the field. The driver of the project will get most of the credit, or the blame, from spectators when an idea you choose to go to succeeds or fails. But even the best quarterbacks need a great coach they can trust. Brady has Belichick, Manning had Dungy, and Marino had Shula. You, too, need someone will keep you motivated and focused, or offer criticism when the situation warrants it. Whether that person is your boss, a colleague in another department, a family member/good friend or an outside consultant, trust us: A good coach is worth every penny.

Sky Title’s team is ready to help your company with plays throughout the state of Florida. Our smart secure closings can make your next deal a touchdown! Let’s talk today.