Did you know that Sky Title is one of first title companies doing e-closings in the state of Florida? Consumers and lenders love the options this new avenue opens. E-closings are the most secure, most convenient closing process available today.  Interested in offering e-closings to your clients? Sky Title is here to help make the transition to this new process as easy as possible for your team

Here are four Reasons You Should Utilize Sky Title e-Closings Today:

Change Can Be Easy  

A lot of real estate attorneys have been doing paper closings for 30 years or more and change can be hard. But if you’re ready to use technology to make the closing process easier for you and easier to understand for your clients, Sky Title is here to help you make the jump. We know such a change will help you more efficiently work with lenders and meet the consumer’s demands. Our Sky Title team is here to help you with this process.

Simplification Helps Business

There are some in this industry who believe that the more difficult the closing is, the better it is for our business. We know that some title agents believe that lots of paperwork will confuse consumers and force them to believe that the title guys are the experts. Sky Title wants to help our clients understand the procedure as much as possible. By showing them how simple the process can be, we know that they will regard us as the experts and value our services more than ever before.

Implementation Is Affordable

This process can operate different for any company. Sky Title can help you assess your needs and develop a process that works for the way you do business and doesn’t make your costs explode. With the savings you get through eClosings, you could see a return of investment on your implementation costs with only a few months.

Everyone Benefits

Of course, we didn’t implement e-closings just because. It makes the closing process much easier and can save your clients plenty of money. We’re not talking just a few hundred dollars either. Lenders can save several thousands of dollars per loan – that’s huge! Of course, any closing cost savings benefit both lenders and consumers.

Your staff is will love the new technology as well. By cutting down time spent on paperwork alone, your staff can spend their valuable time on other tasks just as important to the workings of your business. E-closings can also speed up a move of your loans to the secondary market, which in turn, boosts market efficiency.

We know that offering e-closings to our clients will eventually become an industry standard. Sky Title is proud to say it is among the first in the title industry space to offer such an innovative option. If you’re interested in joining this revolution, we want to help you set up a pilot program of your own. Contact us today at 904-503-9599.